We have released a revised Drop The Fat Now fat loss guide today. We are offering this weight loss guide for free! More importantly the Drop The Fat Now guide comes with 6 bonus reports on weekly diet, recipes and exercises workout.


free download drop the fat now guide and 6 bonus reportsThe 6 bonus reports include:


  • Weekly Workout.
  • Healthy Breakfast For A Week.
  • Healthy Lunch For A Week.
  • Healthy Dinner For A Week.
  • Healthy Snacks For A Week.
  • Healthy Desserts For A Week.


Weekly Workout


Using the Weekly Workout guide you can master a 7 exercise home workout routine within a week. Once you master these 7 exercises they will become your daily 7 exercise routine. The 7 exercises include Power Walk, Triangle Push Up, Body Weight Squat, Curl Up, Shadow Boxing, Dips and Power Jumps. The exercises are illustrated by graphic images.


Weekly Diet and Receipe Reports


The weekly receipe reports include Healthy Breakfast For A Week, Healthy Lunch For A Week, Healthy Dinner For A Week, Healthy Snacks For A Week and Healthy Desserts For A Week. You will be amazed at the delicious daily recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and desserts. You will surely enjoy these recipes as well as take your fitness to another level.


All these guides in PDF format are filed in a zipped folder. This means that they are able to be viewed on both a PC and Mac computer. However you will need a free copy of Adobe PDF reader installed on your computer in order to open the guides.


You may download the Drop The Fat Now fat loss guide and the 6 bonus reports from the link below:


Click Here to Download DROP THE FAT NOW Free Guide and 6 Bonus Reports NOW!