The Operation Quick Money Handbook provides cutting edge authentic content by Patric Chan, a best-selling author and a top ranking Internet Entrepreneur. It contains internet marketing strategies for newbies as well as advanced Internet Marketers who are still struggling to earn consistent online income. This 49 pages high quality content handbook focuses on affiliate marketing, clickbank monetization, social media marketing, creating successful sales funnels and email marketing to earn real quick money online.


Operation Quick Money Handbook!The author in this book has revealed his proven money making methods that have worked for him personally and also for thousands of his students to make money online. If you just follow exactly what you learn from this book, you will start seeing the results within the first 2 weeks. Once you’re ready and confident with the knowledge gained, you can begin to scale up by setting up your FaceBook Fanpage or blog, how to get targeted subscribers and building your own mailing list.


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  • Even if you have NO PRODUCTS TO SELL
  • Even if you have NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE
  • Even if you have NO WEBSITE
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Operation Quick Money Handbook


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  • Why Create Wealth on the Internet?
  • What is Affiliate Marekting?
  • ClickBank
  • How ClickBank Works?
  • The Best Kind of Product to Promote
  • The Fast Cash Method
  • Promotion Methods
  • “Advanced” Method
  • Three Strategies to Obtain A Guest Blog
  • Owning A Mailing List
  • How to Own A Mailing List With A Squeeze Page?
  • The First Email – The Welcome Mailing
  • Step 1 – Let New subscribers Know What to Expect
  • Step 2 – Create an Unannounced Special Bonus
  • Step 3 – Write the email
  • The News Centered Mailing
  • Step 1 – Seek Out Current News Stories in Self-Help Niche
  • Step 2 –  Figure Out How to Link These Stories to Your Own Offers
  • Step 3 –  Craft Your Mailing


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