My name is Devian Day, and in just a moment, I will reveal to you the best kept secret that has helped thousands of highly desired girlfriends, wives and lovers across the globe master the art of dirty talk and deepen your relationship faster than you ever thought possible!


But first, I’d like to ask you a few simple questions. Be as open and honest as humanly possible with yourself as you answer them…

Has your man put pressure on you to perform in bed – even demanded that you talk dirty for his pleasure – freezing you like a deer in headlights and making you feel like you’re not good enough for him?

high voltage lipstick dirty talk

Are you tired of feeling sexually inferior with a guy you want to please so badly and wish you could gain his approval without lacking confidence in yourself?


In your mind, he should want you for you and be satisfied with the woman you are…experiencing your beautiful feminine essence and stay addicted to you as long as you want, with very little effort necessary.


But, for some reason his attention and focus never seems to be on you, or if it is, you may not feel fully comfortable with it.


Have you ever attempted to talk dirty to your man after pushing yourself to break the ice, didn’t get the response you expected, and quickly felt awkward and embarrassed – killing the mood – making you look back at the experience with fear, guilt and rejection? I mean, feeling like you failed at dirty talk…and only making the idea seem more and more nerve racking?


Nothing is worse than feeling rejected, especially in bed. Enough bad experiences can lead you to a permanent state of performance anxiety that almost seems impossible to go away.


talk dirty to me

Do you like the idea of talking dirty and pleasing your man’s wildest fantasy? Have you already started talking dirty to as a way to please him? But, have your attempts fallen short… leaving you searching for the missing piece-of-the-puzzle… that will unleash your inner sex goddess and shower him with verbal bliss?


You want mutual SATISFACTION but there seems to be some sort of sex-que mix up that is sending the wrong signals…and it’s almost like he’s waiting for you to step up and show him a good time.


I’m willing…

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