No Cost Income Stream Course has caught the frenzy of the internet marketing fraternity. Proving its mettle within 5 days of its launch this phenomenal program has bagged the third best selling spot on ClickBank. No No Cost Income Stream 2.0 CourseCost Income Stream 2.0 (NCIS 2.0) Course is a package of 89 step-by-step training videos that teach a proven system for making money online without spending any money.


Eric Holmlund, Jeff Wellman and Paul Counts are the three real highly successful inernet marketing guys who have built this comprehensive zero cost online money making system. Their bold confident statement “We’ve PROVEN that it’s possible to consistently make money online, without spending ANY money to make that money” is truly inspirational particularly for the newbies as well as the intermediate online marketers struggling on a tight budget.


What Is This “No Cost Income Stream 2.0 (NCIS 2.0)” System?


  • This system consists of 5 Online Business models that require absolutely no cash up front.
  • It’s a proven business model that you can follow.
  • You can build these up and scale them with paid solutions when you have earned substantial online income.


These are the 5 Online Business Models offerd by NCIS:


  • No Cost Product Launch
  • No Cost Freelancing
  • No Cost Video Marketing
  • No Cost List Building
  • No Cost Affiliate Marketing


So let us go through these business models one by one.


Model #1: No Cost Product Launch


Learn how to launch your own digital information product.

Information products are a great way to get started on the internet because they help you to build up a following, reputation and big profit margins.

Learn every step of the process from niche selection to product creation.

Learn how to recruit affiliates and the basics of a proper sales copy.

Every method covered is a free way to launch your own product.

Also learn how to use a free autoresponder to generate buyer leads for yourself. These buyer leads can be highly valuable to promote other related products and offers to them to get affiliate commissions.

So you’re going to learn how to get buyer leads, how to get your own product all of this without investing a single penny into your marketing.

You’ll learn how to scale this with paid solutions at the end. Because again once you make money it’s time to invest a part of that into your paid hosting and other things that help you to build you a more sustainable online business and sustain that success for a long term.


Mode #2: No Cost Freelancing


Learn how to run a successful freelancing business.

No Cost Income Stream Course PackageLearn the different services you can offer people. Keep in mind that many people do freelancing full time.

You will learn how to use freelance and micro job sites.

Learn the best free methods to promote your services and how to get the most exposure as possible.

You can scale this business with paid promotions and tools. Again this is optional and you can invest a part of your profits for these paid promotion tools like paid autoresponder service for email marketing and generate more traffic to achieve more business success.


Model #3: No Cost Video Marketing


Learn how to run this entire business for free.

Choose your niche and type of videos that you want to cover for this method.

Discover top free video creation tools. You’ll learn the step-by-step system to get yourself great exposure on the internet through video and how to market and generate an online income.

Learn about different types of videos you can make.

You’ll discover how to monetize your videos through list building, affiliate marketing or through your own product.


Model # 4: No Cos List Building


Learn how to build your following with list building. Any sustainable successful online business has an email list of some sort. The biggest companies have it as well as smaller companies that are successful. So you need to build a following and an email list.

Use all no cost solutions for building a following online. This system will teach you to kick-start your list building and generate money with that list so that you can invest in those paid solutions to take your business to a next level.

You’ll find out free promotion strategies to build up a huge following with your list.

Learn the many different ways you can monetize your new list.

Maximize your list building with paid solutions.


Model #5: No Cost Affiliate Marketing


Choose a profitable niche to promote.

Use the latest no cost strategies for getting traffic.

Learn how to build a quality free site from scratch.

Discover methods to grow this into a full time income.

There are people who do full time affiliate marketing only and following these strategies you too can become a full time affiliate marketer and this business model does not need your own product. This model teaches you the correct principles of affiliate marketing all at no cost to you.


All the above Online Business Models have proven to achieve great online business success and following what this course teaches you, you’ll surely start enjoying your own success.

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