how to get pregnant easily?


How To Get Pregnant Easily?


For majority of women getting conceived naturally and giving birth to healthy children could mean as easy as something that goes into normal progression. But many women with pregnancy complications including infertility issues could be wondering as to how to get pregnant! I’m excited to share with you some easy tips on how to get pregnant easily and naturally:-

1. Have sex in the morning

Although having sex at any time of the day is great to help a woman get conceived easily it is far better to have sex in the morning. The main benefit is that the level of sperm the man is producing is much higher at morning time. This means that more viable sperm will be able to reach the egg that the ovaries have released to be fertilized.

how to get pregnant easily

2. Reduce Caffeine Intake

Too much caffeine results in your body finding it more difficult to absorb iron and can adversely affect the woman’s fertility. Therefore when trying to get pregnant a woman should refrain from all drinks that contain caffeine, not just sodas and coffee, but tea as well. Instead to help increase the chances of getting pregnant easily a woman should drink plenty of milk shakes or fruit juices.

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3. Get A Good Night’s Sleep

This is very important for a woman to get pregnant easily. If you get the right amount of sleep each night then the adequate levels of the hormone Leptin will be produced. If the woman’s body is not producing Leptin then ovulation will be affected adversely and the chances of her conceiving will be hampered.

4. Know Your Exact Ovulation Date

Mostly women have regular 28-day cycles, so you can count 14 days from the 1st day of your last period to determine your ovulation day. For women with irregular cycles, use of an ovulation kit should be useful.

Secondly, making a chart of your basal body temperature will assist you in determining your most fertile day. Normally your body temperature will dip by half a degree 24 hours before ovulation then will start to go up when ovulating. Since your body temperature could also be affected by various health and environmental conditions, it is advisable that you must not solely rely on this factor.

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5. Have sex before your ovulation day

When you start feeling hormonal surge which is a common feature just before ovulation, have sex on that day and for the next 2 days. This is because of the fact that your cervical mucus is at its best for helping the sperm to travel towards the egg. Since sperms can survive inside the uterus for not more than 24 – 48 hours, there will be plenty of them to meet your egg the moment ovulation happens. Having sex at the right time is one of the main factor to get pregnant easily and naturally.

The important reason why you should have sex before ovulation is that an egg can only survive for a maximum of 24 hours. So when you ovulate in the morning but wait until evening to have sex, your egg might have lost its capability the moment a sperm tries to fertilize it. Also, cervical mucus is thick and impenetrable immediately after ovulation, making it impossible for the sperm to go through the mucus.

6. Have Lots of Fun

This is the most important thing to remember for couples trying to conceive. Convert sex activity into fun which you enjoy. When sex becomes routine chore, excitement added with fun is a wonderful way to get pregnant easily. Adapt your love making positions to add variety to your sex experience.

7. Good News and Hope for Women with Infertility Problems:

Infertility can be cured naturally if it is addressed in the holistic way, which is, using a multifaceted method of healing. Getting regular health checkups, exercising and stress reduction techniques, taking supplements to combat existing problem, are only part of the holistic cure to infertility. The holistic approach doesn’t only increase your chances of conception it could also guarantee an easy and healthy pregnancy and giving birth to healthy children.

how to get pregnant easily?

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