how to feast your fat away?


Going by its name “Feast Your Fat Away”, this amazing nutritional plan seems utterly controversial for some and could be total confusion for many because it simply goes against the hitherto conventional belief and theory of weight loss! Nonetheless, Nate Miyaki a renowned fitness author, trainer, and nutrition expert has revealed this scientifically proven easy nutrition and weight loss diet plan to the joy of thousands of fitness enthusiasts and ordinary overweight persons who have discovered what to eat to lose weight, and achieved remarkable results while feasting their fat away!


What is this Feast Your Fat Away Guide?


This program tells you exactly what to eat to lose weight and when to eat. It basically focuses on an easy way to get the best shape of your life with no starving, no crazy eating feast your fat away guideplans and no need of exercises! You will neither go to bed hungry nor ever lack energy or feel old before your time. With this eating plan you will not be compelled to eat your special “diet meal” while everyone else around you is feasting on delicious, satisfying food – and the good news is – you’ll be able to join them and begin feasting soon! Best of all, you can eat delicious foods of your liking and lose 10 to 15 pounds in just the first two weeks!


The best part is Nate has broken down what seems like such confusing nutrition plan topics into simple, easy-to-follow steps. By taking the guesswork and mystery out of fasting, feasting, and calorie cycling, he has made it simple for the reader to try these methods on their own because they are also tailored to their own personal goals.


This program comes with an exclusive Feast Your Fat Away Quick-Start Guide to jumpstart your results and with this you’ll get all of the following:


feast your fat away quick start guide– A handy checklist of things to do or have on hand before you get started on the program to help you see results fast!


– A body composition and goal-setting sheet, so you’ll have your eye on the prize right from the start.


– An easy-to-use shopping guide that makes it a snap to make the best food choices, even when you’re faced with temptation in the grocery shop.


Who will benefit from this Eating Plan?


The main beneficiaries of this diet plan are the people on day jobs for whom the only enjoyable meal is at night time with their families. There are some people who hate eating breakfast while many rushing to their work, don’t have time to cook up their breakfast in the morning. But you may have more time at night to prepare a delicious, healthy meal…and savor the time with your family, friends, business colleagues, or whoever you’ve having dinner with. If any of these touches you, you will love this diet plan and weight loss guide to achieve your ideal physiques without spending your lives obsessed with a difficult-to-follow diet.


This guide will also be helpful to fitness enthusiasts following a busy schedule who don’t find much time to prepare their meals. It also benefits busy practising professionals who usually find some free time only at night.


What to eat to lose weight?


This program reveals to you everything you should know about what food you must eat to lose weight. Some nutritionists advocate avoiding starchy carbs. In this guide you will find out which starchy carbs you need to eat for healthy weight loss and achieve these awesome benefits:


–  Refuel energy reserves

–  Build muscle

–  Control insulin and blood sugar levels

–  Trigger serotonin release, and

–  Maximize fat-burning hormones, including testosterone and thyroid!


Even if you DON’T exercise, you still need to eat some selected beneficial carbs. That’s because as long as you’re not simply lying still on a sofa all day, you’re probably moving around going about your busy, day-to-day life. So if you don’t refuel your body’s energy reserves with carbs, you’ll feel weak and tired and run into some of the same problems most people face on a no-carb diet.


The program emphasizes on the importance of healthy weight maintenance and general health and fitness improvement of both men and women and it also explains in step-by-step simple terms how to achieve both these necessities for good health and happiness. It prescribes the best diet plan easy to follow, and almost all who followed it have loved this program.


feast your fat away success story“Nate’s plan has been the foundation to my successful lifestyle change. Before following Nate I worked out regularly and ate what I thought was healthy, but I was at my all-time heaviest, 145 pounds wearing a size 8. Now when I look back I wasn’t eating healthy at all. I thought eating low fat, whole wheat, 100-calorie packs, with occasional (daily) treats I was healthy. A year and half later I am down to 119 pounds wearing a size 2, I work out less and have a body I never thought was possible as a busy professional. The plan is simple—you eat real food—and Nate backs everything up with science and real research. I work at an office that is filled with cakes, cookies, candy, pizza, and take out (which contributed to my weight gain). Now I can easily turn things down, and happily eat better meals!”
—Chrissy A., Systems Operation Officer

feast your fat away testimonial
“Nate has been my trainer for two years. He has provided me with a strong, structure, and flexible program that has helped keep me on track to reach my goals. Nate makes sure I understand why we’re doing what we’re doing, and also makes sure the program we built is sustainable. This was critical for me, as I’ve got a demanding job that requires travel, so having a program I could make fit into my lifestyle was paramount. In six months, I’ve lost 20 lbs. of fat while putting on significant lean muscle. I feel stronger, have a higher level of energy, and can see and feel a difference on a daily basis…Nate has helped demystify food and nutrition in very easy-to-understand ways, which ultimately allows me to think more and make better nutritional choices, regardless of where I am.”

—Matt H., PR Executive


In addition this whole program comes to you with an iron clad 60-day money back guarantee. So there is nothing for you to lose except your additional fat and weight! On the other hand there is much to gain. You can see your improvement after using this program for 30 days, and if for any reason you are not satisfied you can claim your full refund from ClickBank.


This program works for you because it is convenient, practical, and sustainable. It also works because of physiological reasons based on scientific principles and research. Every core strategy in this program is backed by science. Nate has pulled the best principles from The Paleo Diet, Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, and Intermittent Fasting protocols to mention a few, and has compiled an informed, hybrid plan based on science, studies, and human physiology and geared towards improving health, slashing fat, and keeping it off indefinitely.


Finally therefore no more second guessing for you, jumping from one plan to another, program to program, but never finding answers and solutions. Feast Your Fat Away is the only fat loss and body maintenance diet plan you will ever need.

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