Everyone knows the importance of exercise for the overall health and well-being. But how many know that lack of exercise could be one of the major contributory reasons for causing ED symptoms. Conversely doing adequate exercise is also an important step towards preventing men’s embarrassing erection disorder. So it is prudent to focus on the importance of exercise for the erectile dysfunction reversal.

Eexerccise for Ed problems
Obviously you cannot hear such things from the people who do good business selling you ED pills every month. They would rather see you not do anything to minimize your ED problems and that you will keep buying medications from them every month.

Of course exercise by itself surely cannot cure ED but it can go a long way to minimize the sexual disorder symptoms.

How Exercise Can Reverse Your Erectile Dysfunction?

Mostly erectile dysfunction is an impaired blood circulatory condition. It’s all about an affected man not getting sufficient blood flow into his penis either to have proper erection or to maintain it for sufficient time to have enjoyable intercourse either as per his expectation or upto the satisfaction of his partner.

So let us see what causes your erection. It’s the blood that flows into and filling the two cylindrical-shaped spongy chambers of your penis makes your penis erect. The better your blood circulation and the more the blood that flows into your erectile spongy tissue, the firmer and stronger your erections will be.

Exercise for erectile dysfunction

Let us examine which exercises are better at reducing the ED symptoms. In fact men need cardiovascular exercises. You need to do sweating exercises, but more than that, you are required to do an exercise that enhances pumping of your heart.

The best way to begin with exercising is to start moderately. So start with fifteen minutes of exercise three to five times a week to begin with. Then over course of time, slowly keep on increasing duration of your exercise and the number of days you exercise per week.

More beneficially in addition to exercise, find a sport that you enjoy. It could be Kayaking, soccer, fencing, hiking…just make sure it’s something you enjoy, and something you’re passionate about. When you love to do a sport, and are passionate about it, you’ll naturally be inclined to do more of it.

Erectile dysfunction exercise

So when you do more of this sport you like, you don’t need to bump up your exercise to more than three times per week. Now you’ll be supplementing the exercise with your new sports activity.

It would be also interesting if you consider the time you invested for this sporting activity as your “sweat equity”. Your sweat equity will reward you a longer, healthier life. Also in exchange for the sweat equity, you’ll get an invaluable bonus of healthier heart and lungs, better blood circulation, more stamina, more energy and if you have ED, you’ll notice a marked reduction in your symptoms.

If you don’t have ED, a good exercise program won’t guarantee that you’ll never experience difficulties, but if and when you do, you will be glad that they’ll be much milder than they otherwise would have been.

There are relatively few people outside of “gym rats” who love to exercise, so look at it as an investment. That’s why we used the term “sweat equity.” We encourage you to think of it as same as financial investments you make for your future. If you can put yourself in that mindset, and if you supplement your regular exercise with a sport you love, you’ll be much more likely to stick with it, and consistency is key.

Ed exercise for better sex

The only exercise you have to be bit careful is bicycling. No doubt it is a great way to get (and stay) in shape, but it has one small drawback. Studies have shown that spending a lot of time cycling can lead to an increased likelihood of problems with your prostate gland. In some cases, it can also cause numbness in and around the penis, which while not quite the same as ED, can definitely decrease the quality of your erections.

Stretching exercises are also proved to be equally important in reversing ED symptoms in addition to cardio-based exercises and a regular workout routine. You can do something like Tai Chi or Yoga, for example. Both of these are great ways to stretch and tone your muscles, and make an excellent addition to your overall fitness routine.

The great thing about yoga is that it’s a wonderful, meditative technique in addition to being a great way to stretch. Start simply and modestly, and slowly work your way into more advanced postures.

So the overall effectiveness of exercise is only as good as your commitment to it.
The bottom line is simple: Exercise is not just good for your overall health, it’s also good for your sexual health.

If you’re genuinely interested in maintaining an active sex life well past your forties, when men typically begin experiencing sexual difficulties, then you’re going to want to make regular exercise an important part of your daily routine.

Exercise for Erectile Dysfunction

Again, the most important thing here is to be sure you pick a sport that you’re genuinely passionate about, because that makes it easy to stick with it.



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