causes of erectile dysfunctionWhen a man finds out that he cannot perform sex as he used to do earlier, and the fact that his sex life has taken a turn for the worst, can be a devastating nightmare. In this awkward scenario many men tend to overlook the very important concern that they may have a medical condition that is responsible for the Erectile Dysfunction.

In fact there are many medical conditions that can lead to ED disorder, than one might know about. That is why it is very important that you visit your doctor and discuss your issue with him. Early medication can help you to offset any future major problems with erectile dysfunction. It can also help you to keep your medical worries under control. The longer you wait the damage could be even more worse.

1. Heart Disease

One of the major causes could be heart disease. If the arteries which supply blood from the heart to human organs are clogged blood cannot flow freely as it should. This hampered blood supply to the penis results in erectile dysfunction and so the erection can not be maintained or the man fails to get an erection.

2. Overweight

Obesity is highly rampant nowadays and this is many a time associated with ED for men. Doing some good exercise and losing say 10 to 15 pounds can reverse the erectile.edisorder. If you started putting on weight recently and you found of late the ED problem, then this is a sure indication of your obesity being the culprit.

3. Hormonal Imbalance

Hormonal imbalance could also result in ED. Certain medications like steroids can cause hormonal imbalance and the ED. Also the side effects of some medicines cause the hormonal imbalance. In particular the medicines given to Parkinson’s and prostate cancer have a lot of adverse side effects. So you have to consult your doctor for better alternative medication options. It may also be possible to reduce the dosage of medications and you can get your lost ability to maintain an erection back.

4. Addiction to Drugs, Alcohol and Smoking

Men addicted to drugs, alcohol or smoking are prone to get ED more easily. These legal or illegal substances, alcohol and smoking have a devastating effect on the body. These unhealthy habits will definitely affect a man’s natural ability to be able to get and maintain an erection. If you suffer from such addictions there are wonderful treatment programs available. Some of them are in house while others are for outpatient treatment. Find one that can help you get over this burden in your life.

5. Physical Injuries

If you suffered an injury to the genital area, it can lead to erectile dysfunction. Surgery may be necessary in order to rectify it. Some spinal injuries can also lead to erectile dysfunction. Some nerves might have been damaged, which can interrupt the signals that the body must give for an erection to take place. This may get better on its own or your doctor may need to prescribe medication to help your body go through the process for a successful erection.

So more importantly we have to realize that erectile dysfunction is very much associated with many other medical needs. Avoiding the fact that it is taking place allows those medical problems to compound and become worse. At the same time you cannot avoid with being unhappy about your current ED sex life. Turn to your doctors in order to get your medical concerns taken care of. This proactive approach can make all the difference for you when it comes to handling erectile dysfunction.


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